First online showcase with our Member Council

We’ve started a fortnightly online showcase for Member Council members, broadcasting live across Periscope, Google Hangouts and on Skype. We also made it available on Youtube for our Council members following the showcase for those who couldn’t make it live.

Picture of filming Member Council Showcase

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll remember that we’ve been working on giving our members a voice. In collaboration with our members and Thoughtworks we’re developing a new digital service that will improve how they can work together with their Co-op in the future.

Our Members’ Council are elected by our wider membership each year to represent their views at a senior level and also hold the Group Board to account. It’s really important that we are able to show what we’re working on, our thinking, progress,  as well as give them the opportunity to challenge us by asking really difficult questions.

But many of the Council have day jobs and they live all over the UK which is why we wanted to use online platforms and social networks that are freely available and easy to use to make these sessions as accessible as possible.

Council members who joined us for our first online showcase told us they really valued the opportunity.

We’re planning to continue the updates each fortnight, learning as we go.

Mark Robinson-Field
Member Voice Lead