Testing Co-op Membership, an update

I recently joined the CoopDigital team as Head of Engineering for Membership. I’ve been working alongside the team for the last 10 months for PwC, so it’s been great to see the team develop and deliver the new Membership product and start testing Co-op Membership with our 68,000 colleagues.

Picture of Georgina Callaghan - Head of Engineering
George Callaghan

We’re learning lots, the team will share more over the next few weeks, but here’s some initial findings:

  • 69% of all colleague membership transactions were made with the new membership card
  • over half of our colleagues have used their new card
  • 50% of new membership online account access has been via mobile, 31% via desktop and 18% via tablet
  • over 2000 charities have completed an application form to be in receipt of the 1% for your community, and are now being reviewed

So what next?

Answering this question has been shaping my first few weeks within Co-op. The team has been working through the roadmap with the product owners, incorporating feedback from our colleagues, workshopping solutions for the market launch priority items, reorganising ourselves to enable agile delivery across the entire technology stack and also doing a bit of coding on the side.  

I’ve also been working with the digital engineering leadership team to plan our recruitment for the rest of the year. This means we’re hiring, if you are interested in joining this exciting team have a look at our vacancies.

Georgina (George) Callaghan.

5 thoughts on “Testing Co-op Membership, an update

  1. Christopher Cooper August 1, 2016 / 9:52 pm

    I would really like to see you get democracy right for your members. In this years elections I was disenfranchised. Firstly, because my data was incorrect and after some cgecking you managed to out this right. Despite this and a series of emails and broken promises you were never able to supply me with the means to vote. It really does not matter what else you get right when you consistently deny me my right to vote and participatein my co-operative in a meaningful way


    • barbara holligan August 3, 2016 / 4:46 pm

      Hi Chris
      I am a Council member and have by chance read your comment. i am very sorry to hear that you were disenfranchised at the last election/AGm by not having a vote. I would like to understand what happened, as this is something Council tries to keep a check on to make sure that they system is working as well as possible. Would you be able to send details to me c/o Gill Gardner Council Secretary? I won’t be able to help directly but I will feed your experience into forthcoming reviews that help shape next year’s election process. Many thanks for your trouble .regards Barbara


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