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In an earlier post, and at our AGM this year, we talked about our commitment to providing clear data to our members. As part of that commitment, we want to share with you some information on our membership base.

As a co-op we have a different way of doing business. We are owned by our members, millions of people who trade with us. Our members range from those who have been with us for many years to those who have only recently joined. Some members actively trade across all our businesses, some shop with just one and some members who have traded in the past no longer do so for one reason or another.

We believe a healthy co-op thrives on engaged members who trade with us and can become involved in the co-op democracy, as owners.

How many members are actively trading with the Co-op?

Active members

We describe active members as people who regularly trade with any of our core businesses within the last 12 months.

Our core businesses are:




General Insurance

Legal Services

In total, there are 3.4m active members.

We split active members into two groups – those who are currently trading and those who are not currently trading.

Active – currently trading

Active members who are currently trading will have shopped or swiped their card with the:

  • Food business within the last 3 months
  • Electrical business within the last 6 months
  • Funeralcare, Legal Services or General Insurance business within the last 12 months

There are 2.6m active members who are currently trading.

Active – not currently trading

Active members who are not currently trading will have shopped or swiped their card with the:

  • Food business within the last 4-12 months
  • Electrical business within the last 7-12 months

There are 0.8m active members who are not currently trading.

What about The Co-op Bank?

Members who have a product, service or account with the Co-operative Bank also shop with our Co-op.

There are 1.1m members with a banking product with activity in the last 12 months but who do not also trade with our core businesses.

Summarising the numbers

Total active members shopping with our core businesses – 3.4m

Active members currently trading – 2.6m

Active members not currently trading – 0.8m

Total members shopping with our core businesses and/or with the Co-op Bank in the last 12 months – 4.5m

Why this data is important

The data we hold on membership helps us to work out who is eligible to engage in our democratic processes. Democracy is at the heart of our Co-op as a member-owned society.

We want people to get involved and to vote at our annual general meeting (AGM). You can find out more about membership on the Co-op website.

Mike Bracken
Chief Digital Officer

5 thoughts on “Our active members

  1. BARBARA August 16, 2016 / 11:51 am

    Thanks Mike. Good to have some hard facts.How many of these do we have usable email addresses for , that we can use for membership purposes and for letting know about local membership events? As a member of our Coop Local Forum this is very important for us.


  2. jordanjmcdowell August 16, 2016 / 4:11 pm

    Hi Barbara, I provide a little more information about that. Use of consumers’ email addresses by business is governed by Ofcom in the UK. There are two types of email our Co-op can send a member, marketing and service. Marketing emails contain messages related to products and services and other news from the Co-op, which could include local member events. These are optional and members can opt-out if they prefer. Service emails are must-have communications that contain information members need to know, such as about the AGM or their membership account. We have an email address for some of our members, and a smaller segment of members also opt-in to hear from our marketing teams.


  3. londonhoggle August 17, 2016 / 4:33 pm

    Very disappointing numbers, Are European and Global brothers will surely wonder what the hell we have been up to with our co-op…. Surely the only way is up now…


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