Hello to Alex Waters

I’m Alex and I recently joined the Data Science team.

Picture of Alex Waters

I first joined the Co-op on its Graduate Programme three years ago and have focused on data pretty much from the start. I’ve worked across different areas of the Co-op and each area taught me lots about data collecting, structuring, analysing, presenting and really importantly – using data for user focused decision making.

I want to make it much easier for colleagues to understand what data is telling them, helping them focus on the things that can make a real difference. At the moment I’m working with the team at Co-op Electrical to do exactly this.

I’m excited to be part of the team working to make the Co-op trusted with data.

Look out for more updates from myself and all the data science team shortly.

Alex Waters
Data product consultant

2 thoughts on “Hello to Alex Waters

  1. Martin rogers September 19, 2016 / 2:38 pm

    Great stuff Alex.. Good luck – sounds like a good fit! Martin

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