Data Leaders

At our AGM we committed to making the Co-op trusted with data. We’ve set up Data Leaders to be the authority in keeping the data we hold on our members secure. They met for the first time last week.

What do Data Leaders do?

We’ll come together as a group to set the standards and principles for how we operate and treat data. Any decisions that we make will be communicated clearly and acted upon by all areas of Co-op. The group will investigate and discover any issues, share and resolve them quickly. We’ll make sure that we’re visible, making sure we lead the way forward for data protection and handling.

Who are the Data Leaders?

We’ve asked people from Digital to our Legal business, Human Resources to Food and every department in between. We’ve a broad range of experience and expertise in the group, and everyone is encouraged to bring any issues they have to our fortnightly meetings.

How can I find out what’s being discussed?

We’ll discuss and make decisions at meetings; minutes and any decisions will be published openly.

Picture of Catherine Brien Data Science Director at the Co-op
Catherine Brien, Data Science Director

Catherine Brien
Data Science Director

2 thoughts on “Data Leaders

  1. Neil Roberts August 4, 2017 / 9:25 am

    I’m curious to hear and see more about what the data leaders are discussing and have agreed. Interesting to see that Co-op are on a journey of transparency.

    As a member and data professional, this is of significant interest to me.

    Where can I access and see the minutes and decsions being made, as you’ve stated these will be published openly? Transparency at this level and publishing about it regularly and openly is the key to winning trust in my opinion


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