we’re listening to your feedback

Just before Christmas we launched, a website where colleagues can find the things they need to know about working at the Co-op. In my previous post Welcome to I explained that we built it because we wanted to make information more easily available for all colleagues, not just those who have access to the work computer. Providing one, open place to access information from lots of different older Co-op sites.

The site has been live for around a month now and, just as we requested, we’ve had a lot of feedback on it.

What people have been saying

The site allows users to leave anonymous feedback on every page. We’ve had more than 70 pieces of feedback which were almost all positive. People said:

  • “It’s great that this stuff is now so accessible”
  • “Huge tick. Transparency. Access for all, particularly CTMs (customer team members), who have little access to back office policies”
  • “Easily accessible especially when you’re not a work”
  • “Much easier to navigate than finding information on the intranet”

But we know we’ve still got more to do. People also said:

  • “Don’t we have a whistleblower number or a risk hotline?”
  • “In the opportunities section could there be a link to a section about opportunities for study and self-directed learning?”

We’ve read and thought about all the feedback and now we’ll start using it to help us, improving the site plan developments and content changes. This is all part of working in an agile way.

But we know we’ve still got more to do, it’s not finished, we’ll keep iterating.

Spreading the word

When we launched in December we deliberately didn’t promote the site very much. We wanted to give ourselves time to gather feedback and think about at any issues. Now, we’re starting to share the site with more colleagues.

We posted about it on our colleague Facebook page and got some more feedback.

Written feedback from two colleagues in our Facebook group.

We wanted to help colleagues without access to their work computer to find out about the organisation they work in. Now we need to find the best ways to tell them about the site that will help them do that. If you have any suggestions, leave a comment below.

Peter Brumby
Digital Channels Manager

2 thoughts on “ we’re listening to your feedback

  1. alexi william October 17, 2017 / 7:20 pm

    hi i’ve been going to the pitshanger lane store for a long time now to buy groceries but i dont normally go to the one thats opposite the road last week my mum went to it a ypung girl there treated her well and was very kind she helped her helping elders is good in that store normally there isnt any good customer service thats y we dont go to it but last saturday i went to that store i then realised who that girl was she usually worls at the pitshanger lane store. she’s NANDIKA say Thanks to her and she gives good customer service and she always helping and respectful there should be people like that in every store .good luck nandika .(Alexi william)


  2. Amy April 5, 2019 / 12:21 pm

    I visited the co-op in Dartmouth Court Gosport, before we got through the door my son dropped his apple and it rolled under the car. It was the end of the world for him. We got inside the shop and a lovely lady named Annette went and washed his apple for him to continue eating. What an absolutely lovely lady she was on her break but took the time to help me with my son. Can’t thank her enough it stopped a major meltdown.


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