Mike Bracken: 4.5 million active members, Federation and thanks to Jamie

(Transcript) Mike Bracken: Hello, welcome to the Co-op Digital weekly update.

We’ll start as ever with a big number, 4.5 million active members now at the Co-op, so those numbers keep growing and that’s a huge change since September 21st last year, so well done to the team for that. And that work’s being recognised.  This week the team in Membership have been shortlisted for a Retail Week Technology Award for that program, so well done to them.

Other highlights of the week, we’ve opened our co-working space in Federation building, the Federation right over the road from Angel Square you can now go see that check out the details on the blog.

I’d like to welcome a few people Nassali Douglas has joined as a Member Pioneer Manager, Richard Shenton coming as a Finance Manager, they’ve come from other parts of the Co-op, Louise Nicholas has joined us as a designer welcome to the Co-op and I’d like to say goodbye to Jamie Arnold who’s been brilliant leading our agile work as a delivery manager, he’ll be much missed.

Thank you very much to him and see you next week.

Mike Bracken
Chief Digital Officer

One thought on “Mike Bracken: 4.5 million active members, Federation and thanks to Jamie

  1. londonhoggle June 12, 2017 / 2:22 pm

    So if we have 4.5 million active members and 11.5 share account holders in total we have ~7 million ‘inacticve’ members.

    Mike do we know just how inactive inactive members are? Do we have some idea of any proportion of that number where they are inactive because they are now deceased, inactive because they have moved home (a proportion of UK people do each year), emigrated abroad (again rough idea of what number proportionally will have left the co-op in UK for other countries) or say lost their home (electrical sales to members) or work (new deposits at co-op bank.

    Every year at least a few thousand must surely be in each of the 5 categories. What is it the Co-op does to re-activate them/ retain real terms growth in their member capital still held in share accounts?

    These few thousand inactive members could still have their uses for and benefit from the Co-op, depending on a few metrics like I have brought up. What can Co-op Digital do on this? Thankyou


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