Dave Johnson: introducing ‘Fed Talks’ and more on our mobile app

(Transcript) Dave Johnson: Hello, and welcome to this week’s Co-op Digital update.

You may have read our blog post last week about the mobile app that we’re building to allow our members to scan their phones at the till and view their balances and transactions.

We’ve spoken to our store colleagues and customers and our members who’ve highlighted that a digital membership card could provide value to our members. We’re building the first part of this new functionality to act as a platform to grow in the future and we’re going to test it with our colleagues first in the support centre here at Angel Square.

We have show and tells every other Thursday, so come and join us. They’re in the auditorium on the 6th floor at Federation House. The first one’s on the 10th August at 2pm.

We also held a ‘Fed talks’ session in Federation House this week. The theme was food and agriculture. Thanks to Lawrence Kitson for organising and for Shirley Sarker and Abby Rose from Wool for spending their time talking with our colleagues. Thank you.

The lower floors of Federation House are also coming along with the coffee shop, events spaces and meeting rooms – they’re all almost ready. If anyone would like a tour you can contact Victoria Howlett who will happily show both Co-op colleagues and anyone else who is interested the space at Federation.

In the last few weeks we’ve welcomed a few new faces to the Digital team. Paul D’Ambra has joined us as a software engineer and Hannah Horton joins us as a content designer.

Finally, congratulations to Karen Lindop who is now our Digital Head of Operations and also to Gail Lyon who has been acting in the role for sometime but is now our Head of Digital Engagement. Well done.

That’s it for this week, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and follow us on Twitter. Thank you.

Dave Johnson
Director of Digital Engineering

4 thoughts on “Dave Johnson: introducing ‘Fed Talks’ and more on our mobile app

  1. Unknown August 6, 2017 / 7:41 am


    Whilst this is all great news that we are finally catching up to competitors in terms of technology they have had for years. You need to design something radical in the app to make it stand out

    You need to address that the store scanners need an upgrade to completely make this work as I’ve been into a few stores that won’t even scan my phones screen for a membership card which uses the stocard app which generates a digital barcode.
    The phone is a iPhone 7 Plus.


    • coopdavejohnson August 17, 2017 / 2:01 pm

      Hello. Firstly, thank you for your feedback. In terms of functionality we’re focusing on the basics of the existing membership services first and testing that with our colleagues and hopefully a few members too in the Autumn. We’ll use that colleague and member feedback to help instruct what we might do next. We’re on with updating our scanners; it takes time to do. In the meantime we’re looking at alternatives to scanning to interact with the phone. Watch this space!


  2. George August 7, 2017 / 1:41 am

    Great update! Regarding the app, any rough timescale you could share as far as rolling it out is concerned or is it currently just a case of seeing how it goes test-wise?


    • coopdavejohnson August 17, 2017 / 2:05 pm

      Hello George. We’ll test the app with our colleagues and a hopefully a small number of members in the Autumn. We’ll listen to the feedback first and then move forward from there adding new features and testing them before we choose to launch onto the app stores. We know that any app has to be very good before we launch nationally.


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