Steve Foreshew-Cain: a visit from the City Council and Leading the Way showcases its work

(Transcript) Steve Foreshew-Cain: Hello, and welcome to this week’s Co-op Digital update.

This week we welcomed Joanne Roney who is the CEO of Manchester City Council to The Federation, along with Alistair Asher and Ian Ellis. They were able to see the progress that’s been made, and met with one of the ‘Friends of the Federation’, Northcoders. Thanks Joanne for taking the time to come and visit us all.

And as I’ve mentioned before, we’d love to show as many of our colleagues around the building as possible. So, if you’re interested, please do get in touch. We’ll also be holding some open days just for Co-op colleagues very soon so keep an eye on the blog for more details.

On Wednesday, the Leading the Way team had the opportunity to meet with Pippa Wicks, Helen Webb and Ian Ellis from our Group Executive team at the Ashton on Mersey food store. They showed them the work they are doing as one team with our Food business to make life easier for our colleagues that work in store. Take a look at Anna Goss’s blog post from last week for an update on just some of the work that’s going on in that programme.

Last week we all gathered as a Digital team as we regularly do, and as part of that it was my pleasure to recognise 3 of our Digital colleagues for their work ‘being coop’. Thank you to Gary Traynor, who’s worked for Co-op for 30 years, Jo Schofield for working with our Food store colleagues, and training them to write great content, and especially to Scott Bennett for his work on our Prides across the country. Thank you again for ‘being Coop’.

And finally a hello to Aaron Omotosho has joined us for a few months of work experience with Danielle. It’s particularly great to welcome Aaron, as we’ve been able to support him during his studies at Loretto college. I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from Aaron on our blog.

That’s it for this week. You’ll find our latest vacancies our blog. Don’t forget to subscribe for all our updates and follow us on Twitter.

See you next week.

Steve Foreshew-Cain
Group Digital Director