Our Digital plan (July to December 2017)

Today we’ve published our Digital plan. It describes what Co-op Digital is working on from July to December 2017. It helps colleagues understand our priorities and provides a baseline to help us track how we’re doing with delivering our milestones.

Working in the open is important to our values so we’re publishing a non commercially sensitive version here on the blog.

Read our Digital plan (July to December 2017)

Co-op Digital team

2 thoughts on “Our Digital plan (July to December 2017)

  1. barbara holligan September 14, 2017 / 1:00 pm

    Thanks for this helpful plan .
    As a Council member, I am interested in particular in ways that Members can engage with our businesses, and how Members can exercise their rights as ‘owners’ to influence the businesses.
    As their democratically elected representative, I am frustrated at my inability to engage with members using digital tools and data, and the lack of opportunity for members to engage with their Council.

    I know that this is being ‘looked at’ by the IT team, but it seems remiss that there is no mention of this in your plan, even in the role of supporting IT to support our Members’ Council.

    Digital engagement
    We manage a range of communities and channels, gather social intelligence and provide reporting and insight for the Group. We work with colleagues to engage appropriately with online communities and advise on digital engagement as a tool for online co-operation and for promotion of Co-op products and services.

    Surely ‘online co-operation’ knows no greater expression than that of members engaging with their democratically elected representatives ?


    • Cynic October 23, 2017 / 12:13 pm

      There were 2 other comments about the digital plan. Where are they? Is that a different blog page?

      Both asked similar questions about the benefits delivered and speed of delivery in digital


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