Adam Westbrook: life as a platform engineer at Co-op Digital

(Transcript) Adam Westbrook: So I’m a platform engineer here at Co-op Digital. I’ve been here 3, 4 months now. Day-to-day we sort of work with the development teams and the service teams and stuff like that: building out new infrastructure projects, working with the development teams on new products for membership.

There’s lots of opportunities for engineers around here to work with big engineering teams and stuff like that but there’s no other kind of companies around here they’re owned by their members and doing stuff that Co-op does for local causes and so it’s not just a normal big engineering team at a big company. You’re contributing to something a bit more.

It’s really good having everyone on one very open floor, we’re all working together, we’re able to proof of concept new products really quickly and just the of level of communication up here is really good, everyone can speak to each other, everyone knows each other everyone’s close and it’s just a really sort of good environment to get stuff done in.

So I think the thing that most enjoy about working here is being able to work with the other engineers and the other parts of Co-op Digital to really sort of push out new products and projects and things like that, really quickly. It’s a really great team here. The work that we do is really good and as such a focus on people working together and collaboratively and sort of learning and developing from each other and that’s often really difficult to come by. And just the culture here is really good that promoting that.

Adam Westbrook
Platform engineer