Co-op Insurance Scoops Award

Last night we were crowned Digital Project Team of the Year at the Post magazine’s Data, Analytics & Technology Awards. Why? For delivering a project that made people smile – Nostalgia FM.


Here in the Insurance Digital Team we love to create content that gives people a different perspective on our business and we have a lot of fun creating it.

Nostalgia FM launched on 14th September with a Twitter promoted trend, a big-bang on Facebook, and a very busy day (and night)! As midnight came we handed over the promoted trend baton to Starbucks and their pumpkin-spiced latte.

But not until we’d had over 1,000 shares and more than 700 conversations (people love to reminisce about their driving playlists – the cheesier the better).

It’s difficult to achieve standout in the crowded insurance market, so Nostalgia FM was created as part of our customer engagement strategy.

We love getting external acknowledgement for our social campaigns, especially as this award follows a recent Twitter case study on our summer #MessyMoments campaign and coverage in E-consultancy’s Best Social Campaigns.

We’ve got loads of stuff in the pipeline that we think you’ll love, so keep an eye on us – you’ll never guess what’s coming next!

You’ll find Nostalgia FM, along with our other fun stuff, at The Hub, Go take a look, you may be surprised at what you discover (bet you didn’t expect to see goats on an insurance site…)

Join in:

Chris Twigg – Customer Engagement & SEO Manager

Social Media – The Customer Service Tool For Millennials?


“In my day we didn’t need an app to remind us.” “Back in my day you’d just ring someone.”

They both sound like something you’d hear from your grandparents, however they are also comments heard at a conference on ways to improve customer service for millennials. During which there was more discussion on call abandonment rates than response times on Twitter.

There was a big emphasis on instant chat tools (which are fantastic, I use them often myself). However businesses seemed more open to investing money in trialling these tools without first trying social media, and when four in five millennials prefer to use social media over web, phone or online chat, this surprised me.

More and more in my job as a Community Manager and also in my personal life, I see people use social media as their first point of contact with businesses. For many its second nature to tweet the local council and quiz them on road works, to tweet train companies about delays to their journey, to send Facebook messages to hotels enquiring about check-in times, even just a quick tweet to find out a business’ telephone number. Many millennials live fast paced lives where they want information (almost) instantaneously and at their own convenience. Because of this social media is favourable as it delivers information to their fingertips ready to digest in their own time.

This “back in my day” thinking can be damaging to businesses. We don’t live in the same kind of society as “back in the day”, we live in a 24/7 society where millennials would rather go to the dentist than call a customer service line.

If you think millennials are hard to communicate with now just give it another 10 years – my younger siblings don’t ring their friends and family, they tweet, text or Google Hangout. A telephone conversation is almost an alien concept! I wonder how they will choose to communicate with businesses when they come to the age of paying bills, buying products or booking holidays?

@Cat_Storey8, Social Media Community Manager for The Co-operative Group.