Using digital tools to make work easier

Hello, I’m Christine. I’ve worked for the Co-op for 5 years and I was one of the first people in the new Digital Engineering team.  I provide IT products and services to all my digital colleagues, or as many people put it – I get all sorts of stuff done.

Picture of Christine Edge
Christine Edge

Getting colleagues on the G Suite

I work on lots of different things, but my main focus at the moment is helping our colleagues in the digital team at the Co-op transfer to using what used to be Google Apps for Work (which has been renamed ‘the G Suite’). We haven’t stopped using Microsoft products, and are talking to them to about how we’ll be working together in the future. We also use lots of other tools to help us collaborate, like Slack and Trello – we’ll talk more about that in future.

G Suite is actually nothing all that complicated – it’s things like Gmail, Google Drive and Google Hangouts. Many of our colleagues use those things outside work.

The idea behind using digital tools like this is to make it easier and more convenient for colleagues across the country or to work together.

Picture of Christine Edge and her team
We started with digital, and are now beginning to work out how all our colleagues can use the tools if that’s something that they want to do.  I’ll be blogging more about our work on this, so keep checking the blog.

Christine Edge
Senior Programme Manager