Our Social Principles

Any business looking to empower colleagues to take to social media needs to do so transparently. Whether it be on their own personal social networks or by operating branded channels on the business’s behalf, it’s only fair that the rules of engagement are clear so all colleagues feel comfortable speaking publicly on behalf of the business they work for.

As you’d expect, we have policies in place that form part of a colleague’s employment contract, but these are often written by lawyers (albeit with our input) and can be a little hard to understand. So, we’ve cleared things up by having a very simple set of social media principles we think all colleagues can understand.

Be yourself.
Let your personality shine

Be proud.
Of who you are & the Co-op

Use common sense.
If you don’t want the world to know, don’t post

Respect everyone.
Play nice, be fair, assume best intentions

Protect yourself.
Privacy settings are there for a reason

Don’t swear.

Sometimes the hardest thing to do.

By keeping these simple guidelines in-mind, we think all colleagues can comfortably engage in a discussion about the Co-op they work for, one which many also co-own, and in doing so talk to their own social communities about how the Co-op is a better way of doing business.

What’s more, our social team are live on social every day so that if any colleague, customer or member has a question that needs answering, an idea they want to share or just want a chat, we’re where they are when they need us.

Gail Lyon
Head of Digital Engagement