What we mean when we talk about project phases

At Co-op we build products and services in an agile way. Working in this way helps us build something that meets the need of our user and reduces the risk of us wasting money by building the wrong thing.

Designing and building products and services follows a pattern of ‘project phases’. We always start in the same place (a ‘discovery’) and if we find there’s a user need for the thing we’re building, development will follow the same path for each product or service. These phases are:

Discovery – We’re finding out who our users are and trying to understand how we can help meet their needs.

Alpha – We’re testing our ideas to see if they work.

Beta – We’re proving our solution works with real users and making any improvements based on data, user research, and feedback.

Live – We’re confident the solutions works, we’ve published it online, and we’ll continue to make improvements in the coming months.

Co-op Digital team