Improving the experience for users

Hello. My name’s Rachel and I work in the analytics and optimisation team at CoopDigital. We’re passionate about turning insights into action in order to improve the experience for our users. Our work complements the qualitative insight provided by our user research team.

Picture of Rachel Rowe
Rachel Rowe

We continually evaluate the user journeys around the goals on our websites, such as registrations, downloads, shares and purchases. Then we simultaneously run experiments between two (or more) experiences to see which performs the best.

We’ve many experiments running at any one time across our family of businesses. For example, if you were purchasing a pre-paid funeral right now then your experience is likely to be subtly different to another user on the site at the very same time. Every user is unique and we strive to create an experience which reflects the context of the visit.

Our experiments have proven that content is more engaging on our Food website if it’s relevant to the time of day and location of the user. Visitors arrive at our Food site from across the UK and you may have seen that we made a nod to national pride during Euro 2016 by localising our homepage content.

If this sounds interesting then perhaps you’d like to join the team as we’re hiring right now. If you want to know more, you can find me on Twitter or send me an email.

Rachel Rowe