Making it easier for Members to choose a local cause

I’m Charlotte and I’m an Agile Business Analyst working on the Membership service.

Since launch of our new Membership, one of the things that we noticed was that the number of our members selecting a local community cause to support with their 1% was lower than we expected.  

We looked at what the analytics were telling us

  • 30%  of total members clicked through to the causes page from the member dashboard.
  • 72% of new members were clicking through to causes.
  • 64% of members visiting the causes page then went on to select a local cause.

Statistics from 21/9 – 18/10 from Google Analytics.

We listened to what our members were saying

“I want to support the cause I saw in my store not one of the three you have shown me”.

“I don’t understand how the funding cycle works”.

“I don’t understand why I am being shown these causes”.

Feedback from 21/9 – 18/10 from user research/feedback form.

We identified some key outcomes

  1. Increase members understanding of the cause selection process.
  2. Increase members understanding of the funding cycle.
  3. Increase click through rate from the member dashboard to causes for new members.
  4. Increase the number of members selecting a cause to support.

What changes did we make?

We added new content onto on to the website explaining the funding cycle and how the causes were selected.

Screen shot of the local causes areas of our website

 We now display the cause that a member is supporting on their membership dashboard.

Screen shot of the local causes areas of our website

We ask members to check their address if they didn’t have any local causes displayed. 

We improved the site by simplifying the information displayed within each of the cause summary panels and removing the support button to make the whole panel clickable.

Screen shot of the local causes areas of our website

We improved each cause profile page to include the button and changed the call to action from “Support” to “Back this project”, making it more meaningful.

Screen shot of the local causes areas of our website

We’ve improved the journey for members so that they are able to navigate to a cause profile page by using the URL. This will allow causes to promote themselves (and their URL) and allow our marketing emails to promote specific URL’s.

What difference has this made so far?

  • We’re now averaging 19% click through rate (of total members) to the causes page from dashboard (decrease of 11%).
  • However we’re seeing an average of 79% click through rate for new members clicking through to the dashboard (increase of 7%).
  • 76% of members visiting the causes page go on to select a local cause (Increase of 12%).

Statistics from 18/10 – 11/11 from Google Analytics.

You can see that the total number of members clicking through to causes has decreased. We expected this to happen as a direct result of us displaying the cause that a member is backing on their dashboard. The number of new members clicking through to causes has increased by 7% which was one of our measures of success. Those members that do click through to causes, are 9% more likely to support one of the local causes.

It look’s like our changes have made a positive impact to date. It will be interesting to to see how these figures change when we give members the option to support a different community with their 1%. This functionality will be coming shortly.

Don’t forget we’re looking for the next round of good causes to support in May 2017.

Charlotte King
Agile Business Analyst

Growing the Agile Business Analyst team

Hello I’m Joel Godfrey

I’ve just joined the digital team at the Co-op as an Agile Business Analyst.

Picture of Joel Godfrey
Joel Godfrey

I used to work in our Food business in IT as a Business Analyst, working recently on our Membership and Transformation programmes. I spent my first week shadowing Liam Cross who’s working on the Local Causes service which is part of our new Membership. I’m now spending some time supporting the team working on Location Services.

The main attraction of joining the digital team for me was the chance to learn a different way of working with new people, skills and technologies.

I had the chance to work closely with a lot of people in digital throughout the work we did to develop the new Co-op Membership. The team’s attitude and rapid response to change and challenge really appealed to me.

It was quite a tough decision to leave Food and join something new. I worked with a lot of great people to deliver some important pieces of work in the Food organisation, it felt like a big thing to leave behind.

Three weeks in, I feel I’ve made the right choice. There are differences (lots more post-its, fewer smart shirts and cufflinks). But the team feels very Co-op. Everyone’s been welcoming and happy to give up their time to share knowledge and talk me through Agile ways of working. I’m learning a lot.

Hello I’m Anthony Wilson

I’ve also recently joined the team as an Agile Business Analyst.

A picture of Anthony Wilson
Anthony Wilson

Like Joel I used to work for the Co-op in the Food organisation. Working in Commercial and more recently in Supply Chain in the Stock Exit Management function where I had to find the most effective way to dispose of stock we can no longer sell.

I’ve no experience of being a Business Analyst (BA), but a lot of the skills I’ve developed are exactly what’s needed in my new role – interpreting user needs, knowing what’s important to aid prioritisation, having a passion for quality and a curious mind. I’m grateful for the chance to continue my development in this new role.

The first 2 weeks have already been a great learning experience and I’ve been given fantastic support by Charlotte King and the other BAs and in fact everyone I’ve worked with throughout digital.

I’m now supporting Co-op Electrical as they get ready for their peak trading season.

It’s great to be part of a growing and supportive team that’s working on building a strong community of practice.

Charlotte King joins the team

I’m delighted to welcome Charlotte King to the team. Charlotte joins us as an agile business analyst. She’ll be a key part of the Membership product team, focusing on the Membership website, where the team will be working hard to respond to member feedback and iterate the experience to meet our members needs.

Picture of Charlotte King

Charlotte isn’t new to the Co-op, she’s spent the last 3 years on the graduate scheme in our Food business and the last 2 in the team delivering Membership. Most recently Charlotte has been working on how we give our Member’s more of a voice.

I’ve known Charlotte throughout her time working on Membership and have seen the outstanding contribution she’s made in business analysis, delivery and business change. This is why I’m so pleased to be able to add Charlotte’s skills and experience to our growing agile business analysis practice.

Welcome Charlotte.

Danielle Haugedal-Wilson
Business Architecture & Analysis 

Join In

We’ve been working with our members to understand more about how they’d like to play a more active role in the Co-op they co-own. As Mike said at the AGM, elections and motions are one (very important) thing but digital makes it easier for members to have a say on the products and services that they actually consume too.

We completed a number of experiments throughout July where we learned from members about the sorts of things they want to get involved with. We’ve purposely started small with simple ways to join in so that we can learn really quickly about what works and what we could do better.

A picture of the member voice team

We’ve called this Join In. At the moment it’s a series of opportunities for members to choose and sign up for. We’ve made this available to colleague members who are using the new Co-op Membership, and right now for example they’re able to help design pizza toppings along with Sara Gunn our chilled pizza buyer.

So far, 165 colleague members have signed up and 45%  have gone on to participate in the activity. The response that we’ve had so far has been really valuable to our business owners.

This is only the start of how we improve the ways our members can get involved in our Co-op and this will keep growing over the coming months as we continue to listen and learn what matters most to them.

Charlotte King
Project Manager, Member Voice