Mike Bracken: advisers, our local community fund and 30k new members

Mike: Hello, welcome to the weekly update. Week 3, big week back for us, the Digital team. Firstly 2 big meetings.

Board meeting for the whole group, they’ve seen our preparation, our presentation for the year, very happy with that, lots of good challenge.

For us as a team we have a digital advisers group, and our Digital Advisory Board met this Wednesday, we have 4 advisers, Jonathan Luff, who is helping us with our horizon scanning and vendor market place review; Jeni Tennison from the Open Data Institute and Andrew Eland from Google Deep Mind, those 2 are really helping us with our data services and our open data principles and standards work. And Sophie Fenwick-Paul who’s helping us with our communities and our futures work, particularly helping Rufus around membership and community.

Those 4 constitute our Advisory Board and I’m delighted they are helping us. We are also looking for at least one other person to help us with our e-commerce development around our electrical business, so if you know anybody please let us know.

And just a couple of stats this week to wrap up. I’m delighted that at the end of the period of our community cause programme, we’ve had over 6000 applications from causes, charities, social programmes all over the country who want to participate in the 1% programme. And we’ll be putting money into these causes over the next few years.

We’ve now got some sifting work to do because we were very, very much oversubscribed, but we should have causes in every part of our country and in every one of our 1500 communities, so that’s a great achievement.

And finally membership continues to grow. The Join Us campaign is starting to make an impact and last week we had over 30,000 new members join the Co-op. So that’s some great stats, I hope to give you some more next week, but until then, join us.

Mike Bracken
Chief Digital Officer

Digital Advisory Board

We’ve established a Digital Advisory Board. They’re a small and carefully selected group of individuals with a wide-ranging set of skills which will bolster and complement each other and our own to ensure we’re on the right track and doing the right things. 

There’s a lot to do to support our family of businesses and to deliver our digital approach. This isn’t something we’ve attempted before, so we need a little help in the form of some world-class expertise and experience to add to our own ideas and plans.

The Board is advisory, so it’s not part of our governance or decision-making structure and is in addition to the support we receive from our Members’ Council. They’ll review our planned activities and the wider digital marketplace, providing scrutiny, recommendations and guidance.

They’ll meet every 2-3 months, with the first meeting to take place later this year.

The founding members of our digital advisory board are;

We may add a few more members to the Board if we feel there are specific skills and experience we need access to, and we’ll continue to maintain an equal gender split (plus or minus one member if there’s an odd number).

We want to deliver the very best value to our members and the communities we serve, so we believe having some experts keeping an eye on us to help us do this is a good idea.

Ian Dunnett
Head of strategic growth & partnerships