Design and Research Team field trip.

The design and research team at CoopDigital took a field trip recently to Manchester Metropolitan University’s Special Collections to see Projecting British Design: the Design Council’s slide collection. 
Bringing together a mix of product, graphic and industrial design from the post-war period, the exhibition reflects on Britain’s changing design aesthetic and its evolving understanding and appreciation of what constitutes ‘good design’.

We’re lucky in Manchester to have exhibitions as good as this one on our doorstep, and it gives us an opportunity to be an active part of Manchester’s design community. But these field trips serve a bigger purpose for us, helping us to sharpen our critical skills as designers and to see our own work in its wider context. A part of how we, as designers at the Co-op, stay curious, deepen our own learning and apply that to what the Co-op is building now and in the future.

The exhibition at MMU’s Special Collections runs until 28 May. It’s well worth a visit.