Linda Humphries joins CoopDigital

I’m really happy to say that Linda Humphries will be joining CoopDigital next week. Linda is an amazing advocate of collaboration and co-operation, notably in the world of open standards for the public sector.

Linda Humpries
Linda Humphries Image by Government Technology Blog.  Under Open Government Licence
She has spent the last 15 years working in a variety of roles for the Government, most recently leading the open standards team for GDS. You can read about this her recent blog post. She’ll join CoopDigital as Business Manager – she’ll be vital in making sure we keep doing the right things. Being from the North West I’m sure she’ll be happy with a much shorter commute then her current trip to Brussels.

A wise man said recently, that it’s not what people say when you arrive but when you leave that matters. Such was the scale of Linda’s achievements that she received the following commendations when announcing her departure:

“While the media celebrates one hot new application after another, standards are the unsung hero of the internet. Its key innovation was that it defined how applications communicate, not what they do.  This was the secret source (and secret sauce) by which it unleashed an entrepreneurial boom.

Standards are also a key part of the open government revolution. And in this regard, Linda Humphries is an unsung hero of Government standards. She has painstakingly brought Governments into the open, leaving the British system a far more transparent and equitable system.

While the UK Government Digital Service will miss her, I’m delighted that she will continue to put her prodigious talents to work for the people of the UK via the Cooperative Group, one of the oldest cooperative societies in the world, helping to bring its offerings into the 21st century.” Tim O’Reilly, CEO, O’Reilly Media

“…an inspiration to thousands of people in the US and around the world who care about making government work better.” Jen Pahlka, Founder and Executive Director, Code for America

​Welcome, Linda.

Mike Bracken
Chief Digital Officer

Co-op Electrical moves to CoopDigital

Co-op Electrical sells, as you’d expect, electrical goods online. From fridges and washing machines to iPads and TVs. It’s a great business with a turnover of £100M and  a Feefo rating of 98%.  That rating stems from a real co-operative sense of customer service –  discounts for members and free delivery for everyone with slots by the hour.

Co-op Electrical competes in a tough market with the likes of, John Lewis and Currys. The team work hard to deliver not only great customer service but consistently offer lower prices than competitors along with warranties at a cost price.

Currently Electrical sits within Co-op Food, but as it’s an on-line business it makes sense to run it from CoopDigital. Today we’re announcing that James and his team will move over to Digital and work under Mike.

James and the team have an ambitious plan to grow the business. We’ll help to speed that up, making Electrical a truly digital business – not just an online one. We’ll invest in service design, agile delivery and focus relentlessly on the needs of our customers and members.

Steve and Mike

Steve Murrells – CEO Co-op Food – @Steve_Murrells
Mike Bracken  – Chief Digital Officer – @MTBracken