Back to Being Co-op

You might have heard about our rebrand over the weekend. We’re going back to the classic 60s clover leaf logo. We worked with North on the new identity and Creative Review have a good write up of that here. Huge thanks to them and Greg Nugent for helping us with this project over the last two years.

This morning Mike and I went to our Old Street food store in Shoreditch to see how it looked in the real world. The store looked fantastic, our colleagues particularly liked the new uniforms and lots of customers were taking pictures of the new signage.

Picture of Co-op Food Store in Shoreditch
Co-op Food Store – Old Street, Shoreditch

I’d like to say a big thanks to all our colleagues who have worked through the weekend to make sure everything was ready for 7am this morning. Rebranding our entire estate will take several years. We’ll also be taking our colleagues through a training programme, because these projects never work if they’re just cosmetic.

As we rebuild membership our own brand products will become more important and this new look brings a simplicity that helps them stand out.  The principles of user centred design can be applied to packaging and stores as easily as they can be applied to websites. A big part of that is making things simpler, clearer and more coherent.

Picture of Co-op own brand milk

There are some good examples from our past. In 1985 we were the first to introduce a system of traffic light food labelling. All based on feedback from users. We used ”salt” over “sodium” because customers understood that better.

Thank you to all the many people who have worked on this project from all of our businesses. We want to build a world class design capability in the heart of the Co-op, building on the talent we have here in Helen and the brand team and continuing to make all our products and services, simple and user focused whether it’s a digital service, a brochure or a piece of packaging. This is the first step on that journey.

Ben Terrett
Group Design Director