Community Management over Christmas

christmas cmWhen I think back to when I first started my career in social media I don’t think I ever imagined a day when I would spend Christmas Day sat in my office engaging with our communities on social media; yet there I was just 2 days ago doing exactly that.

As I have only worked at the Co-op for 4 months I had no idea what to expect. Would it be busy? Would people be merry? Would people use social media to talk to brands on Christmas Day?

christmas cm 1

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a busy day in stores and on social media! My colleague Scott had many enquiries about opening hours, stock availability and last minute #DoorStepChallenges.

Christmas Daychristmas cm 2

Christmas Day morning was also busy. Most enquiries were about whether our stores would be open during the day… It appears as though many people forget at least one item for their Christmas dinner!

Conversation was mostly very positive, I engaged with many regular community members who wished our colleagues a Merry Christmas. There were unfortunately a few sad incidents where our produce had fallen short which are always tough to deal with on a regular day never mind Christmas Day – you really feel for the customer in these times. But thankfully we have a fantastic Customer Care team who do all they can to rectify incidents such as this.

Boxing Day

On Boxing Day the number one topic of conversation was store opening hours. There was a big debate among our community on whether any stores should be open on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day – people appear to sit on one side or the other regarding this.

Overall Christmas was a merry time to work. Our community showed great thanks to our colleagues who have been there throughout the Christmas period for those last minute dashes to the shop. There was also a fantastic show of support for local communities from our stores who have been out and about spreading a little joy with the #DoorStepChallenge.

Some of the highlights of my day were –

…. I did just that… at 6pm when my working day was over!

Catherine Storey, Social Media Community Manager – @CatJStorey

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