Simon Hurst: life as a user researcher at Co-op Digital

(Transcript) Simon Hurst: I’m Simon Hurst, I’m a user researcher here at the Co-op working on Membership.

So, Membership is key to the Co-op, it’s a lot what the Co-op is. So my role entails sort of challenging assumptions that the business might have about customers or about members. So it’s understanding how people want to engage with the Co-op in the 21st century. I’m a fairly experienced user researcher now so I’ve been through digital transformation in government. I was originally first worked on the first Department for Work and Pensions service that went live.

The ability to go and do that all over again with Co-op Digital and to help a lot of
people who were coming to user research quite new and to help them along. So I think one of the best parts of my job is mentoring people as well, so I’m sort of mentoring someone at the minute and I’ve just trained someone as a user research.

So being able to share sort of things I’ve learned as user researcher with other people and equally we’ve got a good mix of people from different digital backgrounds. So even amongst the community of user researchers, there’s people with different skill sets to me I can learn from as well. So it’s just a really good mix. And stuff we’re trying to do is genuinely trying to improve people’s lives and help people.

The things I’m looking forward to right now are really starting to influence more and more how much user research is listened to, so really getting it properly embedded now. So we’ve got the roots there we now need to build on that and so it’s making sort of links in the wider Co-op to sort of share user research findings as opposed to sort of people directly on the product teams. And trying to find other user researchers to come and join us, who can join in with that and helping to develop user researchers here.

Co-op was the only other job I’ve ever applied for apart from government in 20 years, since I left college, so I have no plans on going anywhere so it’s it’s really nailing it here I think is what I want to do.

Simon Hurst
User researcher

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2 thoughts on “Simon Hurst: life as a user researcher at Co-op Digital

  1. smithdavidwales August 25, 2017 / 9:46 am

    Could you please elaborate further on the challenge identified in your first para?

    So it’s understanding how people want to engage with the Co-op in the 21st century.

    How do you see opportunities for strengthening the connection between members, member Pioneers/ local co-op activists, NMC members and our democratic structures?

    Mank thanks


  2. juniemo August 25, 2017 / 11:03 am

    How do you plan to communicate with members? Of the millions of members, very few are aware of Coop digital or how to be involved. Communication is crucial and if you’re not communicating with a wide sector of members then all the experience in the world is worthless.


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